Gap Year Education

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Gap Year Education

MLS Montreal, Canada

Female student selecting book from library shelf
Female student selecting book from library shelf

Programmes for cultural and linguistic development

Taken as a 3 or 6 month programme, students achieve meaningful language progress that equips them with the skills to cope in high-pressured situations using English. Students develop a high level of language fluency, and skills that prepare them for future academic and professional life.

Having experienced living in the culturally vibrant, bi-lingual city of Montreal, students graduate ready to embark on exciting new ventures, equipped with the language and communication skills to flourish in international settings.

Significant language development
A high level of individual attention combined with a wide mix of team work training. A prolonged period of learning allows students to fully develop their bi-lingual identities. Regular milestones combine with longer-term objectives, for meaningful and visible language progress.

Academic and professional skills
Language development in the cadre of professional and academic preparation, building skills of note-taking, speed-reading, text-analysis, giving presentations, essay and report writing, Skype calling, video diaries, critical thinking, action research and project management.

Culturally informed learning
Classroom learning is combined with external learning stimuli, as Montreal”s inspiring cultural scene is integrated into the programme.
Enjoying everything that Canada’s number one student city has to offer, students attend talks, public lectures and events such as those hosted by the University.

Recording progress
Students research, plan and produce a dissertation project on a topic related to their professional or academic interests. Students are encouraged to sit an exam such as the IELTS or TOEFL exam, to graduate with an internationally-recognised qualification.

Mentored personal development
The programme includes a 15 minute coaching session each week on strategies for preparation for higher education, including: interview techniques and practice, writing a personal statement and writing a CV.

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