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10 Best Japanese Language Schools in Japan for 2018

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10 Best Japanese Language Schools in Japan for 2018

Hokkaido Japanese Language School - Hokkaido JaLS, Sapporo, Japan
Recommendations - 120 reviews and ratings 96%
At Hokkaido Japanese Language School, not only can you learn Japanese, you can actually USE Japanese and have fun in Japan. The concept of our school is for the students to simply make friends and have fun in Japan, and we believe that is the best way to learn languages. We have small classes of a maximum of 8 students that enables warm and careful services. Enjoy studying Japanese and have fun in a place that has the best food, nature, and entertainment in Japan.
Hotsuma International School Gifu, Gifu, Japan
Recommendations - 163 reviews and ratings 94%
Established in 2008, our school has accepted many students from various countries and played a central roll in Japanese language education in Gifu. Our mission is not only to teach Japanese language but also to develop students’ global talent to contribute to Japanese society. We all work together to provide students many opportunities for improving their Japanese language skills and growing as a person.
Hotsuma International School Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Recommendations - 137 reviews and ratings 92%

Our school positively introduce s unique teaching methods while keeping traditional ones. For instance, we use the following methods.
・ICT Education
・Collaborative learning with classmates from various countries
・Inovative curriculum based on theories of language aqcuisition
Students can sophisticate your collaborative skills you must have in society as well as your japanese language skills in our school.

KAI Japanese Language School, Tokyo, Japan
Recommendations - 240 reviews and ratings 92%

KAI, founded in 1987, is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It’s very convenient since there are a lot of restaurants and shops near by. iMacs and Wi-Fi are available and a closed online student communicy is also provided.
A wide range of accommodations on your requests. The choices include homestay where you can experience Japanese families, guest houses with lots of opportunities to communicate with people from various countries and weekly apartments if you prioritize privacy.

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture, Tokyo, Japan
Recommendations - 470 reviews and ratings 90%

Our philosophy is to foster pro-Japan people and promote an understanding about the country. We are aiming to offer the education and experience which can be acquired only in Japan.